Dinosaur Jr, Webster Hall, New York, September 3, 2007

Report by Sandra Hurley
Photos by Micilin

Part II of the Lou Barlow themed weekend continues with Dinosaur Jr at the more salubrious Webster Hall. But other than the twinkly light show behind him, J Mascis certainly takes a no-frills approach to live gigs, thrashing through the songs with little in the way of stage chat or showmanship.

Of course, that never was the point of Dinosaur Jr. Another proponent of the loud, quiet, loud school of rock, J wrote some great songs in his time. Most of these are in evidence tonight – among them Feel the Pain, Out There and the Wagon.

His guitar-playing is perfect, wringing out power chords and solos and yet … there’s something missing here, just an absence of any real passion which maybe is to be expected of someone whose heyday was more than ten years ago. Harsh? Yes but in this show, he was just going through the motions. The finale is Freakscene and it still gets the crowd going singing along until the end.

But it's not enough for Lou, who possibly realising that this show never actually took off, blames the crowd.

Have a look at this video on You Tube.


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