Sebadoh, Europa Club, Brooklyn, September 2, 2007

Report by Sandra Hurley
Photos by Micilin

With two New York shows crammed into one weekend for Lou Barlow, many fans went to both for a taste of 90s rock nostalgia which is what both shows turn out to be. The first is with his own band Sebadoh followed the next night by Dinosaur Jr. It seems the Sebadoh gig was hastily scrambled together to tie in with the bigger one and it shows – lots of equipment problems and tuning issues hamper an otherwise not bad set.

With Lou back together with original members Jason Lowenstein and Eric Gaffney, it’s a show of instrument swapping which allows everyone their turn to lead the group. First up, it’s Eric on guitar backed by Lou on bass and Jason on drums. Here we go right back to the beginnings of Sebadoh with Freed Pig and actually, they sound great, really tight.

Then Lou takes charge and these songs are my favourites including some of the standout stuff from Harmacy like Beauty of the Ride and On Fire.

But when Jason takes his turn on guitar, he fumbles with the tuning leaving huge gaps between songs. Not the best way to keep the momentum of a rock concert going.

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